Republican senators express concern over ‘extremist’ views

by ian

Republican lawmakers are now raising concerns over populist members of the GOP. Multiple senators have told reporters they are worried that their constituents are pushing extreme views and so-called conspiracy theories into the mainstream.

Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski told reporters, “Our party is becoming known as a group of kind-of extremist, populist, over-the-top, where no one is taking us seriously anymore.”

Another senator, who asked to remain anonymous, told The Hill the following:

It’s amazing to me the number of people, the kind of people who think the election was stolen. It’s not just a ‘red-neck’ thing. It’s people in business, the president of a bank, a doctor.

The lawmakers expressed concern these beliefs may harm the party’s electability. For example, strategists have looked to flip Arizona’s senate seat, viewing incumbent Kyrsten Sinema as vulnerable.

However, behind closed doors, party officials are claiming that the Arizona state GOP’s rhetoric may prevent what should be an easy election win. One Senate Republican strategist said, “the Republican Party in Arizona is a mess.”