Republicans demand Blinken turn over digital correspondence with Hunter Biden

by ian

Two Republican senators are demanding Secretary of State Antony Blinken hand over digital records showing his correspondence with the first son.

On December 22, 2020, Blinken denied conversing with Hunter Biden over phone or email while under oath.

But Senators Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley say that’s a lie based on emails from the first son’s laptop.

The secretary also denied knowledge of the first son’s association with the Burisma U.S. lobbying firm called Blue Star Strategies. But 2016 emails show his wife, Evan Ryan, and Biden coordinated a phone call between the secretary and this firm’s representatives.

On Monday, the senators requested that Blinken and his wife produce emails and phone correspondence related to the first son by May 15.

The deception is just one scandal facing Blinken. Republicans say he was a catalyst for erroneously labeling the Hunter Biden laptop story as Russian misinformation back in 2020. A poll released yesterday shows that 60% of Americans now believe the secretary should be impeached for this role.