RFK Jr testifies on weaponization of government

by Renata

Thursday, Democrats pulled out every stop to try and block Robert F Kennedy Jr’s testimony on the “weaponization” of government . Essentially, they were trying to “censor a censorship hearing.”

The presidential hopeful testified before Congress that his comments on COVID-19, the vaccine, and even his 2024 presidential announcement were censored.

But almost immediately after the hearing started, Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz attempted to move the committee into executive session, which would close the hearing to the public. She stated that RFK Jr made antisemitic and racist comments.

But Kennedy was persistent in exemplifying how he was censored, even explaining the new term ‘malinformation’ that big tech assigned to his social media posts.

The hearing also included testimony from former New York Post editor Emma-Jo Morris. She spoke on how the media censored her breaking story on the Hunter Biden laptop.