Russia begins attacking Ukrainian energy grid as winter nears

by ian


It looks like Ukrainians are in for another brutal winter.

Exactly one year ago today, Russia launched the first of many brutal attacks against Ukraine’s power grid. Rolling blackouts and heat outages have threatened civilian lives from the outset, but this year might be even worse.

Russia renewed the strategy two weeks ago when it launched 42 cruise missiles in a single day. Ukraine’s state energy supplier reported that some missiles slipped past defenses and hit already damaged energy facilities.

Forecasters are also predicting this winter will be colder than last year.

Ukraine has been preparing emergency supplies, reinforcing the grid, and securing spare parts and equipment for repairs. But officials say they need more air defenses if they’re going to fend off the barrages.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Ukraine has a right to retaliate similarly if Russia keeps trying to cut off Ukrainians’ power.