Sackler Family Denies Wrong Doing and Seeks Immunity in Opioid Hearing

by mcardinal

Justin Bullock, FISM News


Richard Sackler testified in a hearing for his family’s bankruptcy court case on Wednesday that he and the rest of his family were not responsible for the national opioid epidemic. The Sacklers had previously run Purdue Pharma which was responsible for the massive dispersal and irresponsible prescription of opioids to thousands of, especially low income, Americans. The Sacklers are now facing thousands of damages claims which are currently being resolved in bankruptcy court.

However, Richard’s testimony counters his son David’s earlier testimony on Tuesday that he believes the Sackler family have a moral responsibility to make all the bad that happened due to the opioid pandemic right as best as they can. Both Richard and David were on the board of Purdue Pharma.

Despite David Sackler’s admission the family said they will refuse to pay any money towards victims or efforts to abate the rampant opioid crisis that America is currently facing unless they are released from further litigation. The settlement they are seeking would see the family give $4.5 billion dollars in exchange for broad protections. While the price figure is very large, many analysts have said that the deal would still let the Sackler family off the hook, as victims should be able to seek further damages.

It is expected that billions will be awarded to victims and their families but some people do not believe any amount of money will be enough. This is because according to the CDC over 500,000 people have died in the opioid crisis and many many more have had their lives completely ruined.