Sean Feucht Calls for 7 Days of Prayer on Capitol Hill

by ian


Sean Feucht, a Christian musician and activist, announced the launch of a 7-day initiative that seeks to bring the revival movement that has been sweeping across the country to Washington DC and the halls of Congress.

In a video message released yesterday, Feucht called for believers to pray for revival and awakening for 7 days starting tomorrow. He said it will culminate with a worship and prayer service in the Capitol rotunda on March 9th.

The initiative was inspired by revival services breaking out in college campuses across the country after a chapel service at Asbury University turned into a non-stop service for over 2 weeks. The Asbury services included repentance, worship, and prayer.

Feucht said, “If there’s any city in America or on the world that we need to see an awakening and revival, it is Washington, D.C.”