Secret Service aware of graphic content circulating from supposed hack of Hunter Biden’s phone

by ian

Ian Patrick, FISM News


The scandal surrounding Hunter Biden continues to escalate.

On Monday, the Secret Service confirmed that it was aware of more content exposed to the public that had apparently been hacked from the younger Biden’s iCloud account. Reports trickled in over the weekend that 4chan users hacked Biden’s iPhone XS and posted content discovered on the device to its website.

4chan administrators then moved to take down any threads distributing the content of the alleged leak, which includes videos and other content previously found on the authenticated Hunter Biden laptop according to The Washington Examiner.

Konstantinos “Gus” Dimitrelos, a former Secret Service agent who works now as a cyber forensics expert, discovered the iPhone content on the infamous laptop. Dimitrelos located the password for the phone’s backup on the laptop’s hard drive.

“Based on my analysis of the iPhone, I conclude the same results as my analysis of the MacBook Pro Laptop hard drive and iCloud synced data. The person who owns and operates this iPhone XS is Robert Hunter Biden,” Dimitrelos told the Examiner.

National Review writes that some of the content included an alleged video of Biden “measuring the amount of crack he had while in conversation with a prostitute.” Another contained alleged texts from Biden claiming his father, President Joe Biden, was in possession of five firearms in 2019.

The leak also showed that there were numerous conversations that showed he solicited prostitutes from oversees. Some experts say that Biden could be charged based on evidence that showed that he transported prostitutes across state lines, which is a federal offense, but that it is unlikely as charges are rarely brought in prostitution cases this long after the event and don’t involve a minor.

This news comes shortly after the discovery of a voicemail left by President Biden to Hunter concerning the latter’s business dealings in China. The voicemail was also found on a phone backup from the laptop’s hard drive. The business dealings were with Chinese oil tycoon Ye Jianming, who headed the CEFC China Company.

FISM News previously reported on a recent analysis of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which revealed that he allegedly made $5.8 million in various deals with Chinese individuals.

Both the voicemail and the amount of money are direct contradictions to statements that President Biden has made in the past concerning his knowledge of the events. The president claimed he had “never spoken to” Hunter “about his overseas business dealings” while campaigning in 2019. The president also claimed during the 2020 presidential debates that his son “has not made money in terms of this thing about . . . China.”

Hunter Biden and his foreign business dealings are one of a slew of topics that Congressional Republicans plan to investigate after this year’s midterms. Ahead of the crucial day, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is planning several training sessions to prep House Republican committee members for post-midterm investigations.