Secret Service finds cocaine at White House

by Renata

A white substance found in the White House on Sunday turned out to be cocaine. The Secret Service told Fox News that the White House “went into a precautionary closure” upon finding a white powdery substance.

A D.C. firefighter confirmed on a radio communication that the substance tested positive as cocaine. Officials say the drug was found “in a work area in the West Wing” – not in the President’s residence. President Joe Biden and his family were at Camp David at the time.

He was reportedly with his son Hunter, who has struggled with a cocaine addiction in the past. According to the AP, the cocaine was found “in an area accessible to tour groups, not in any particular West Wing office.”

A senior law enforcement official told CBS News it was in a storage room cubby where staff and guests often keep their cell phones. The Secret Service is now investigating how the drug ended up on the premises.