Secular Liberals Appalled at Joe Biden’s Religious Rhetoric

by Seth Udinski

Seth Udinski, FISM News


President Joe Biden has made it a top priority to appease the seemingly insatiable desires of the far political left during his administration.  In only three weeks in office, Biden has promised massive expansion to abortion accessibility, allowed transgender citizens to serve in the armed forces, and signed a record number of executive orders aimed at “rolling back” the Trump Administration, yet it is still not enough for the vast majority of liberals.

Many on the political left are disgusted at Biden’s use of religious imagery and symbols in his rhetoric.  In his inaugural address, Biden, a Roman Catholic, quoted Psalm 30 and spoke highly of the early church father Saint Augustine of Hippo, calling him a “saint of my church.”  Anne Laurie Gaylor, president of the staunchly liberal Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), said these religious references caused Biden’s inauguration to be “utterly spoiled.”

According to the FFRF, more than 30,000 secularists signed a letter to Joe Biden asking him to abandon prayer in the inauguration.  At the inaugural prayer breakfast on February 4, Biden made it a point to condemn the “white Christian nationalists” who allegedly fueled the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, to the delight of many secularists.  The president is doing everything he can to appease both sides, catering to the far left while also keeping his Roman Catholic contingent satisfied.  Biden has recently claimed to be a “devout” Roman Catholic.  His true devotion to his faith will be revealed in the coming months.