See The See-Through Bathrooms Installed In Tokyo Public Parks

by mcardinal

Ian Patrick, FISM News

Japan is rolling out a public toilet initiative known as The Tokyo Toilet wherein designers and architects lend their hand in creating unique public restroom facilities to place throughout Shibuya. The website itself says: “Toilets are a symbol of Japan’s world-renowned hospitality culture.” One of these public toilet designs … is completely transparent.

Architect Shigeru Ban created see-through facilities with two ideas in mind. He notes that, before going to a restroom, people think about how clean it is and “whether anyone is inside.” With his new design, you can check for both before entering.

The facilities aren’t as scandalous as they sound, however. The restrooms are transparent when no one is using them, which gives anyone the opportunity to inspect them without going inside. As soon as someone enters and locks the door, the walls become a blurred opaque.

These facilities are currently installed in the Yoyogi Fukamachi Mini Park and the Haru-No-Ogawa Community Park. Three uniquely designed facilities have been constructed, all in different parks and by different creators. Other facilities are under construction and planned for later this year and next.


Sourced from The Tokyo Toilet.


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