Simone Biles Draws Criticism For Pro-Abortion Instagram Post

by Seth Udinski

Seth Udinski, FISM News


One of the most popular athletes in the United States came under heavy criticism this past week from defenders of the sanctity of human life for a post she made on Instagram.

Fresh off the 2020 Olympics in which she won a silver and bronze medal, US Women’s gymnast Simone Biles asked her followers to share “unpopular opinions” on social media.  One follower typed the words, “Abortion is wrong.”  Biles, a Roman Catholic, responded to this opinion in a way that rightly enraged many evangelicals, Roman Catholics, and other conservatives:

I already know this is going to start the biggest argument & may even lose followers BUT I’m very much pro-choice. Your body. Your choice.

Biles oddly attempted to justify her stance by claiming that the foster care system is not a better option than abortion, even though Biles herself is a product of foster care.  Many pro-life followers responded to her words, revealing the foolishness of Biles’ words.  One of which was pro-life activist Lila Rose, who tweeted a response to Biles:

Conservative analyst Matt Walsh said:

(Biles) survived the foster care system and went on to thrive, but she’d rather the other kids be killed than given that chance.”

The response of outrage from the conservative community is completely justified.  Additionally, Biles has unfortunately recycled the same “My body, my choice” argument used ad nauseam by the left.  The sad irony of this argument – when a baby is murdered in an abortion, that baby is robbed of the chance to ever have control over their own body.