South Carolina court upholds 6-week abortion ban

by ian

South Carolina’s Supreme Court upholding the state’s heartbeat bill. The 4-1 decision comes after Planned Parenthood sued the state back in June.

The court previously struck down a similar law signed in 2021, but is reversing course now that a revised version passed earlier this year. The court found that the latest version balances “a woman’s right of privacy and bodily autonomy” and “the interest of the unborn child to live.”

Under the law, most abortions are banned after six weeks, but there are expectations.

Victims of rape and incest have up to 12 weeks to get an abortion. Abortions are also permitted to save the life of the mother or in cases fatal fetal anomalies.

Republican Gov. Henry McMaster praised the ruling as a “historic moment” and one that “ensures that the sanctity of life is protected.”