Speaker Johnson endlessly panned for Christian beliefs

by ian

Ever since being elected to the position of House Speaker, Mike Johnson has been the subject of intense criticism – especially from the left.

While some of these critiques focus on his policies, a more disturbing trend is to bash him for his faith in Christ.

The Daily Beast accused Johnson of being a “Christofascist” who wants to impose, as they say, “the extreme religious views of a minority of Americans on the entire country, at the expense of many of our most basic freedoms.” The Washington Post took a similar stance, calling him a “pro-gun Christian nationalist.”

Even Bill Maher, who famously clashes with the more progressive Democrats in the party, likened Johnson’s “fanaticism” for Christianity to the mental illness witnessed in the Maine mass shooter.

Johnson, speaking to Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany, seems to be taking the comments in stride and moving forward. But that doesn’t mean he is immune to the sting. He said the message behind these attacks is what affects him the most.