Study acknowledges harmful effects of trans surgery

by ian

Renata Kiss, FISM News


According to a survey published by BMC Public Health on May 30, 2023, less than half of those who have undergone gender reassignment surgeries are satisfied with their lives. Despite the fact that these statistics go against the liberal narrative, the organization still doesn’t consider the surgeries as an overall harmful practice.

The peer-reviewed medical journal confirmed that trans individuals experience higher levels of depression and suicidal ideation than those who are aligned with their gender, which can lead to an “increased risk for negative health outcome.”

The survey showed varying outcomes for those who undergo surgery. 

“While some authors described that transgender people were more satisfied following hormonal treatment and/or gender-affirming surgery, others described that transgender women following surgery were generally dissatisfied,” wrote BMC. The study also found no increase in life satisfaction among those who have undergone surgery compared to those who haven’t.

The researchers explained these findings by saying that the initial positive effects of the surgery wane over time. “Gender-affirming surgery – similar to other critical life events—only had a short-term effect on life satisfaction and bounces back to the initial set point of life satisfaction after some years,” according to BMC.

However, researchers also found that those who have undergone surgery as adults are generally more satisfied than trans-identifying children and adolescents. This is consistent with earlier findings that confirmed the overall post-surgery dissatisfaction of the latter group.

At the same time, these studies show a great discrepancy in their surveys. While the research acknowledges the negative impact of surgeries for certain people groups, the reported results offer an overall positive analysis between gender reassignment surgeries and quality of life. 

Author’s Biblical Analysis

Scripture is clear about God’s design for humanity. Genesis 1:27-28 says that both men and women were created in God’s image to fulfill His calling on their lives. The creation narrative calls both genders “good,” having equal importance in the eyes of God. And God makes no mistakes.

What He has decreed for mankind is how the world ought to operate to maximize human flourishing. Romans 1:18-30 is clear that when these laws are broken by unnatural and sinful human desires, societal breakdown is inevitable. 

Those who go through gender-assignment surgery are looking for the same thing that all of us are looking for – love, acceptance, and fulfillment But they are looking in the wrong place. Anyone who looks for ultimate fulfillment outside of God will always be left wanting.

It is no wonder then that prominent de-transitioners like Chloe Cole and Oli London are speaking out against gender reassignment surgeries that devastate the lives of children and young adults. The media seldom covers the often troubling aftermath of these surgeries.