TN DA blocked from enforcing child protection law

by ian

A federal judge just blocked a Tennessee district attorney from, essentially, protecting children.

The ruling forbids Blount County DA Ryan Desmond from enforcing the state’s law that shields children from sexually explicit performances. Desmond had sought to enforce the law ahead of a scheduled pride event.

The district attorney was sued by the American Civil Liberties Union after he sent a letter to the event coordinators, saying that “if sufficient evidence is presented that these criminal statutes have been violated, our office will ethically and justly prosecute.”

The ACLU called the letter “a naked attempt to chill free speech.” Sadly, the federal judge agreed with the plaintiffs.

Desmond responded to the ruling saying he wasn’t trying to cut off anyone’s First Amendment rights, but that the letter was meant to give reasonable and fair notice that “the adult entertainment act is still in effect in Blount County.”