Tokyo Olympic Wrap-up

by mcardinal

Justin Bullock, FISM News


The delayed 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo Japan came to a close on Sunday. There was wonderful competition in this years Games despite some political drama due in large part to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ultimately the US emerged with the most total medals as well as the most in each category: gold, silver, and bronze.

The US finished with 113 total medals, 39 of which were gold. Trailing the US was China who scored a total of 88 medals and 38 golds. China held the gold medal lead throughout the majority of the Olympics, but the women’s beach volleyball gold medal on the final day, pushed the US above them at the last minute. The third place total medal earner was the Russian Olympic Committee ,winning 71 total medals and 20 golds.

Russia had to compete under this name due to the ongoing ban the Olympics imposed upon Russia following a doping scandal years ago. Russia was disallowed from displaying their flag or playing their national anthem when any of their athletes won gold. In addition, Russia will not receive formal credit for any medals that their native athletes won.

Host country Japan experienced the typical host country buff and was able to perform significantly better than they had at the last Summer Olympics in 2016. This year, as host, Japan earned the third most gold medals with 27 and the fifth most medals overall with 58. Notably the Japanese softball and baseball teams were able to win the gold over the US and the Japanese women’s basketball team was able to win the silver behind the US women’s team.

This year’s Games set records and saw historic achievements for athletes from around the world. From swimming to track & field to basketball, and everywhere in between, the world’s greatest athletes put up a series of wonderful competitions. This was despite the lack of supporting family and fans in the stands as well as swirling political turmoil in Japan due to the COVID-19 state of emergency. Indeed, as athletes from around the world return home, many questions are left for Japan on how they will pay for the Olympics that they just finished hosting.