Transgender activist offers hormone blockers to minors on social media

by Jacob Fuller

Lauren Moye, FISM News


Parents be warned: strangers may send your children hormone blockers without your knowledge, a doctor’s input, or even knowing your child’s unique characteristics.

Twitter account Libs of Tik Tok and conservative writer and commentator Matt Walsh shined the spotlight on one transgender activist’s social media post advertising “free, no questions asked” drugs earlier this week.

The offer was made by Eli Erlick, the 27-year-old founder of Trans Student Educational Resources. The biological male, who identifies as a woman, has an Instagram following of over 41.5k. Over 11 weeks ago, he made an Instagram post with an idea to counter states “trying to criminalize hormone therapy, particularly for trans youth.”

His solution? A distribution network for unused testosterone, estradiol, and spironolactone doses.

“Everything is free, no questions asked. We have hundreds of doses,” he wrote about his “bandaid solution” while waiting for laws to be overturned.

Federal law states that just the possession of drugs with the intent to distribute is a punishable offense. While the penalty for actually distributing illegal drugs varies based on the classification of the drug, if minors are involved or the offender has a prior arrest history, the penalty includes incarceration.

All controlled substances dispensed without a proper prescription violate 21 U.S. Code § 829.

At the time that Libs of Tiktok created a screenshot of the now-deleted image, the post had 1,710 likes. Libs of TikTok then shared the information in a Twitter thread on Friday. Some comments from users tagged the U.S. Justice Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Drug Enforcement Agency.

In response to a comment questioning the wisdom of openly advertising an illegal drug sharing scheme that targets minors, Erlick wrote, “Recipients are very unlikely to face any legal blowback because who’s to say I’m not just shipping myself a prescription.”

The comment shows a flagrant disregard for the law. It gets worse.

Erlick’s response to the shares, in which he thanked Libs of Tik Tok and conservative political commentator Matt Walsh for the free publicity, further illustrates his brazen lack of concern for the potential damage caused by sharing prescription medications.

“Eli is laughing because [he] knows nothing will happen to [him] because [his] actions are approved by the regime,” Libs of Tik Tok tweeted.

Other accounts jumped on the thread. “The trans activist under fire…has been accused of sexual assault by multiple people,” Reduxx Magazine, a feminist magazine that actively calls for protecting children, claimed. Their sources note that some alleged victims were minors.

“Eli is a member of a privileged class and believes this will all blow over,” Matt Walsh said. He vowed to keep the spotlight focused on the accused rapist and admitted drug distributor.



According to Erlick’s Twitter account, he is a PhD candidate at the University of California Santa Cruz.