Transgender activists shut down a women’s rights rally, injuring one

by mcardinal

Lauren C. Moye, FISM News


A pro-women rally that pointedly criticizes transgenderism was shut down earlier this week when antagonistic transgender counter-protesters went unchecked. The outcome of this rally has once again illustrated that the alleged “pro-women” liberals only have room to support women who quietly obey the full LGTBQ+ agenda.

The “Let Women Speak” rally in Tacoma, Washington turned violent on Wednesday when counter-protestors, fueled by students of a nearby high school, overwhelmed the smaller group of women’s rights advocates.

One local media source reported that around thirty women’s rights supporters showed up to the rally. They held signs with messages like “trans ‘women’ are men,” “no males in women’s jails,” and “kids cannot consent to puberty blockers,” showing their belief that affirming gender dysphoria as normal puts both women and children at risk.

Because of this, transgender activists are frequent counter-protestors at these events. In fact, the speaking tour was planned to take women’s voices into the real public square after many of the women experienced free-speech suppression on popular social media sites like Twitter for voicing their beliefs.

“Nearby high school students screamed obscenities in the faces of women who gathered to speak,” event organizer Kellie-Jay Keen told the Daily Wire. “Along with other protesters they circled around us and started to push us until we deemed it too unsafe to continue.”

The counter-protest crowd began with around 20 individuals and grew to reach almost 200 by the time the rally disbanded, according to a local media source

The rally soon devolved into violence. Some students complained after being pepper-sprayed by the women. However, the counter-protestors had also sprayed Silly String at the rally, attempted to physically assault one speaker from behind, and injured another woman’s hand during the events.

To be clear, the women behind the Let Women Speak tour aren’t Christian conservatives. April Morrow, one of the woman’s rights supporters at the event had her hand injured after a man crushed it to gain possession of her cell phone at the rally.

“She has suspected broken fingers and is seeking further medical attention,” Keen told the Daily Wire on Thursday.

Keen shut down the rally early, claiming that the Tacoma Police Department refused to help the women even after 23 calls for help.

TPD did later arrest Morrow’s assaulter after reviewing event video footage. Spokesperson Wendy Haddow also claims that law enforcement was on the scene monitoring the situation.

Women’s-rights demonstrators have also accused the principal of the nearby Tacoma School of the Arts of both enabling and encouraging violence from his students.

“This was made worse by the fact that their principal would not ask them to go inside. He said it would make things worse for himself,” Keen told Daily Wire.

“It was children assaulting and harassing adult women, the majority of them older women,” said attendee Mattie Watkins in a video shared on Twitter.

Watkins and some others attended a local school board meeting in an effort to have the principal held accountable for allowing the students to attend.

Focusing on the details of how or why these teenagers were present at the rally risks losing the bigger picture. These women fear that the erasure of gendered language and private spaces for women will lead to detrimental consequences for both females and children.

Instead of allowing these women to speak, the self-identified “inclusive” left resorted to intimidation and assault to silence their voices.

This event is further proof that while liberals claim they are pro-woman, they are ultimately only for elevating the voices of women who agree with the full program. Women who reject the idea that transgenderism is normal and healthy are fair game to intimidate and silence.

Correction: The story has been updated to remove the sexual orientation of one of the protesters.