Transgender soldiers may avoid deployment up to a year

by Renata


Democrats are continuing to use the U.S. military as a laboratory for woke social experimentation at taxpayers’ expense.

In February of this year, the Department of Defense issued a memo, one that surfaced earlier this week, saying transgender soldiers can skip deployment.  It provides available treatments and updated guidance after the Biden administration allowed transgender troops to serve in the military.

At the time, President Joe Biden said everyone in America would be safer under the policy.

But now, the memo says service members “will require up to 300 days to be stabilized on cross-sex hormone therapy, and they will remain in a non-deployable status during that time.”

Meanwhile, their fellow servicemen are hurting because of it. Retired U.S. Coast Guard Chief Rocky Rogers shared the critical impact of these special accommodations.

Under the policy, after 12 months of treatment, transgender service members can be referred for body-altering surgeries. This also impacts their deployability.