Trump and DeSantis duel over Iowa voters

by ian

Donald Trump’s weekend rally in Iowa was blown away, not by his vision for America, but by tornado warnings.

The former president canceled his Des Moines rally on Saturday because of bad weather. His team expected around 5,000 to attend the rally.

They say they will reschedule, but it’s still a bad start to Trump’s plans to solidify his standing in Iowa. He lost the state to Senator Ted Cruz in 2016.

The canceled event was also a highly anticipated showdown between the former president and  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who held a rally earlier that day.

The governor has not yet announced his candidacy, but Trump has targeted him for months already while claiming greater support from Florida lawmakers.

DeSantis, for his part, did not openly attack the former president during his rally. However, he did make a few indirect jabs.

He also encouraged Iowa Republicans to shake off a “culture of losing” on Saturday, noting it began after the 2016 election.