Trump decries ‘Bidenomics’ in Breitbart interview

by ian

Former President Donald Trump laid out his policy while attacking the Biden administration Sunday.

Trump says that, as president, he’s going to focus on the economy first. He believes this is a key issue for the 2024 election. When asked if he will win the Republican nomination, though, Trump said he hoped he would.

Trump criticized the Biden administration for disastrous foreign policies, including the loss of 13 American soldiers during the nation’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan as well as Biden’s handling of the tumult in Ukraine. He says that neither would have happened under his administration.

But Trump hit hardest against Bidenomics.

Lately, Biden has been bragging about his low unemployment numbers, but Trump says those are fake because of how the economy has been restructured. In the meantime, “real wages are way down.”

Trump says he once had the strongest economy and can get that back.