Trump document probe: Second grand jury in Florida revealed

by ian

Federal prosecutors may be eying charges against former President Donald Trump in Florida.

The main jury panel in Washington is expected to announce if they will charge Trump soon for potential mishandling of classified documents.

But there are reports of a second grand jury in the Sunshine State that is so secretive it’s not even known what witnesses might be called to testify.

That’s not the only recent development. Investigators are now looking into if a pool at Mar-a-Lago was intentionally drained in order to destroy surveillance data.

The former president says he’s being unfairly targeted. He wrote on Truth Social, “The Marxists and Fascists in the DOJ and FBI are going after me at a level and speed never seen before…”

Trump’s lawyers met with Special Counsel Jack Smith’s prosecuting team on Monday to raise concerns about misconduct in the investigation.