Trump skips debate to speak with auto workers in Detroit

by ian

Former President Donald Trump was again absent from a Republican debate. He opted instead to speak before a crowd of striking auto workers in Detroit.

His speech was scheduled an hour before the debate aired and¬†Trump used his stage before some of the striking auto workers to decry “crooked Joe Biden” and blame him for the current issues plaguing the auto industry.

Trump also said he would bring the auto industry back to America on the “first day in office,” and called for the United Auto Workers leader to endorse him for president.

A portion of his speech was also used to go after bad foreign trade deals that he said contributed to issues in the auto industry. He also took a few swipes at electric vehicles and the many Democrat policies backing a complete electric vehicle overhaul.

The crowd seemed to respond well to what Trump had to say, which is a testament to his continued popularity among Republican and working-class voters. But a new poll from CBS News and YouGov shows that his popularity may be waning as the election draws near.

This poll shows that a majority of voters, nearly 80%, in Iowa and New Hampshire are either voting against Trump or considering another candidate. If the election were to happen today, though, Trump would still win in both states compared to the other GOP nominees.