Trump takes stand in New York fraud trial

by ian

Former President Donald Trump took the stand in New York earlier today in a trial that threatens to diminish his real estate empire, but which Trump continues to call “unfair political warfare.”

Prosecutors are trying to prove that the real estate mogul inflated the value of his assets for more favorable rates from banks and insurers. In his testimony, Trump denied this, even saying he thought his Mar-a-Lago estate was undervalued.

But he did say any asset that may have been overvalued was because of “brand value.” Trump also testified that his team usually brought in bankers who “paid little attention” to financial documents and were instead keen on the deal.

This comes as the former president’s two sons, Eric and Donald Trump Jr., testified last week. Much of their testimony pointed to their dependence on accountants and other executives for the creation of documents.

Ivanka Trump is set to take the stand on Wednesday.