U.S. official indicates Chinese presence exists in Cuba

by ian

The White House is now walking back its claim of an inaccurate report, which said China is spying on the US.. from a base in Cuba. Now a Biden official says this has been going on for years.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby had previously denied the report of a Chinese base in Cuba, but this latest statement refutes that. The anonymous source said that Biden ‘inherited’ the situation, and that it’s been an ongoing concern for years.

Apparently, China even had the facility upgraded back in 2019, pumping several billion dollars into the station. This comes a few months after the Chinese spy balloon, and just weeks after China displayed ramped-up military aggression in international waters.

Now, some are accusing the White House of not doing enough against the Chinese threat. But the administration is defending its strategy of diplomacy.

Meanwhile, China is accusing the U.S. of fabricating the story of its surveillance operations in Cuba, calling it “rumors and slander.”