U.S. schools pushing CCP-sponsored programs: report

by ian

A new threat has been discovered in the classroom now that a parental rights group released a report detailing China’s influence in American K-12 schools.

Parents Defending Education sent their report to 34 governors last week. Titled “Little Red Classrooms,” the report shows nearly 150 school districts have or had partnered with Chinese-backed “Confucius Institutes” for school programming.

Trump’s Department of Education previously launched an investigation into “Confucius Institutes” on college campuses over concerns they push Chinese propaganda. But no measures were ever taken at the K-12 level.

As a result, the report alleges almost $18 million in Chinese funding has flowed into American schools – exposing students to Chinese propaganda disguised as language and cultural classes.

A number of these schools were located near military bases. Indiana Republican Rep. Jim Banks is calling on the Department of Education to investigate the matter.