UAW strike expands to 38 new locations

by ian

The United Auto Workers union is turning up the heat on the big three car makers, with workers walking out at 38 parts distribution centers at GM and Stellantis on Friday.

The additional facilities will add about 5,600 workers to the almost 13,000 already on strike. Ford was the only company left unscathed, as the union says it has seen progress in its negotiations.

This comes as UAW president Shawn Fain set a Friday deadline for more strikes unless he saw ‘serious progress’ in negotiations.

The union is demanding a 46% pay increase over a four-year period and a 32-hour work week, among other concessions from management. So far, the companies have been offering a roughly 20% pay increase with some additional benefits.

And it looks like the union is in for the long haul. Leaked messages reported by CNN suggest UAW members are prepared to strike for months if they have to.