Ukraine support pushed in UN speeches by Biden, Zelenskyy

by ian

The United Nations General Assembly is underway in New York City and, as expected, one of the big topics is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Both President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy took to the podium on Tuesday to rally for more aid.

While each had his own points to make, both of their speeches revolved around the idea that powerful nations shouldn’t be seizing territory from others. Biden urged nations to stay united for Ukraine’s cause.

Zelenskyy’s speech was far more aggressive. He characterized Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, as an “aggressor” as he pleaded for more aid in Ukraine’s defense.

Zelenskyy also took a new approach in appealing for support in the form of climate change. At one point in his speech, the Ukrainian president warned of an “evil state” using climate disasters as a possible distraction to attack other nations.

The UN General Assembly this year happens to coincide with an annual Climate Week so discourse on the issue of the environment is expected.

Following his speech, Zelenskyy heads to Washington, D.C., where he will request $24 billion in support from the U.S. Congress. Despite the continued Congressional support for Ukraine, former President Donald Trump is getting tired of it.

In multiple posts on TRUTH Social, Trump characterized Biden’s speech as a “surrender” and labeled it as “embarrassing” for the U.S. Then, he called on Europe to “equalize” the money that the U.S. has spent thus far on Ukraine, to the tune of $200 billion.

Trump had previously sparred with the UN and its member nations over what he deemed was unfair treatment of the U.S. during his presidency. In a memorable speech in 2018, Trump lambasted allies and the UN as a whole for bad agreements involving the U.S. and affirmed that the nation will take an “America first” approach over that of “globalism.”