Ukraine update: the counteroffensive begins

by ian

There are signs that Ukraine’s long-anticipated counteroffensive is underway.

The British Defense Ministry has confirmed heavy fighting in multiple areas along the southeastern frontline.
Notably, it’s the first time that Ukraine appears to have used Western-supplied tanks as part of an assault. Ukraine’s deputy defense minister said Thursday, “The enemy is actively on the defense.”

Many believe Kyiv needs a successful counteroffensive to renew Western support. This is especially true as Ukraine continues to recover from flooding after the destruction of the Kakhovka dam.

But Russian forces had months to reinforce their defenses. They claim to have inflicted heavy losses on Ukraine’s 47th Mechanized Brigade, which contains up to 1,500 troops and 150 armored vehicles.

But the Institute of War warns that equipment loss at this stage is not an indicator of Ukraine’s future prospects.