UPDATE – Enes Kanter criticizes Nike for human rights abuses in China

by Seth Udinski

Seth Udinski, FISM News


Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter has made a name for himself off the hardwood over the past several days by speaking out against human rights abuses in China.

Last week Kanter posted a video criticizing Chinese dictator Xi Jingping and calling for the freedom of Tibet which resulted in China blocking Celtic game broadcasts in the region. He posted a second video on Friday, once again calling out Xi and demanding him to free the Uyghur people enslaved on the region.

On Monday Kanter continued his stand against China with a third video. He called out Nike for their double standard in their supposed human rights campaign.

He said in the video,

When it comes to China, Nike remains silent…You are scared to speak up. Who makes your shoes in China? Do you even know? There are so many forced labor factories in China. For instance, Uyghur forced labor.

He said that here in the U.S. Nike stands with Black Lives Matter, Stop Asian Hate, and other social organizations, but when it comes to the atrocities happening in China that the company stays suspiciously silent. In the video he also invited Nike owner Phil Knight and spokesmen Michael Jordan and Lebron James to visit China with him and see the slave labor camps “with your own eyes.”

Nike has not yet responded.