US Targets al-Qaeda Allied Group in Somalia Air Strikes

by mcardinal

Justin Bullock, FISM News


The US has conducted a number of air strikes in Somalia over the past two weeks in order to target al-Qaeda connected groups in the region. No US troops are currently deployed in Somalia, and US officials indicated that the airstrikes are in conjunction with local “combatant commander designated partner forces” and were for the purpose of “collective self-defense.” The most recent strike took place near Galmudug, Somalia.

Somalia is currently in turmoil as the al-Qaeda adjacent extremist group, al Shabaab, is seeking to overthrow the Somalian government. The group is a strict Islamic militant group seeking to impose Shariah law throughout Somalia. Thus far, with the help of the US by way of airstrike and other aid, the Somalian government has been able to hold off al Shabaab’s aggressive posturing and attacks in the country. However, a growing contingent of refuges has been flocking to the major cities in Somalia, especially to the capital, Mogadishu. If this persists, Somalia could soon be faced with a humanitarian refuge crisis.