VA moves to defend parental rights

by Renata

The Virginia Department of Education is protecting parental rights when it comes to transgender students.

Notably, the policy puts parents in control of if a student can go by a different name or pronoun while at school. Without written permission, school personnel must stick to the information in a student’s school record.

It also requires students to participate in sports or use bathrooms according to their biological sex. But it also says schools must provide accommodations such as single-user bathrooms and that parents also have a right to opt a child out of gender-specific areas.

Gov. Glenn Youngkin says these policies “reaffirm my administration’s continued commitment to ensure that every parent is involved in conversations.”

He’s received some backlash over the decision as activists condemn the policies as dangerous to transgender students. But conservatives have praised the decision. Family Foundations spokesman Todd Gathje is thankful for the parental rights win.