Vermont school forced to pay dad, daughter over objections to cross-sex locker rooms

by ian

The fight for women’s sports is seeing a major victory in Vermont, with a 14-year old girl leading the charge.

Freshman volleyball student Blake Allen and her teammates were uncomfortable when the school allowed a biological male to use the women’s locker room.

She spoke out against the situation, but school administrators dismissed her concerns as discriminatory and hateful.

Allen was then kicked out of the school, and her father was fired from his coaching job there. But the Allens didn’t back down, and instead took the district to court.

Now, the school is paying $125,000 for legal fees, and has readmitted both Allens back to the school. Blake Allen knows that this may affect her future opportunities for scholarships, but she says she has no regrets.

She’s now encouraging others in her same situation to speak out as well, and to see change happen.