Voter Integrity Project Possibly Uncovers Thousands Of Illegal Votes

by sam

Samuel Case, FISM News

A new organization called the “Voter Integrity Project” is in the midst of a campaign to cold call mail in or first time voters in swing states to uncover fraud.

The group was started by Matt Braynard, who worked on the Trump campaign’s data team back in 2016. The project is not officially associated with the campaign, but they do keep in contact. 

In a phone interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer Braynard said they ask three questions: “Did a person with your name vote? Did you request a mail-in ballot? Did you return a mail-in ballot?” 

According to Braynard the Project has discovered potentially thousands of ballots cast in states where the voter no longer lives.

Braynard says he’s found no evidence of a “targeted effort” to use deceased voters to sway the election, but there have been individual instances of deceased votes.