White students barred from participating in Chicago University racial justice event

by Seth Udinski

Seth Udinski, FISM News


A University of Chicago-sanctioned panel discussion on race is preventing all white students from attending, saying it is a “BIPOC only” (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) event.

Fox News first reported about the event scheduled for October 15, which is part of UChicago United’s “Di-Orientation” week. The event will also host events titled “Policing, Gentrification, and Abolition” and “Anti-Militarism 101.” The event is labeled by the university as a “BIPOC-ONLY space for honest discussion of navigating race at UChicago between new and old students.”

The 2021 Dis-Orientation program states that the goal of the week is “to cut through the university’s propaganda to reveal the way UChicago operates as a racist, settler-colonial institution that thrives off of exploitation.

The event also appears to fall in line with a left-leaning agenda on COVID-19, as all participants must wear masks. Chicago United, the student club that is organizing the event, said, “The pandemic is not over. We keep us safe!”

Sources suggest that the extreme nature of the event’s rules could be related to a 2018 shooting, where a black student, Charles Thomas, was shot and killed by a university law enforcement officer after an altercation. One of the organization’s main initiatives is titled “#CareNotCops” which seeks to “abolish the campus police force.”

This comes as the city of Chicago remains one of the most crime-ridden cities in America in the wake of a wave of anti-cop rhetoric in the last two years. FISM News has delivered multiple reports from the summer highlighting the rampant crime in the city.

One August report revealed the city police department ignored over half of all 911 calls due to severe staffing shortages. Another detailed the harrowing Labor Day weekend shootings, when eight people were murdered.

Even in sports, Chicago is becoming one of the most undesirable cities in the country to live and work, as the Chicago Bears are reportedly seeking to leave the city limits as soon as possible.

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