Woman receives light penalty for performing illegal home abortion

by Renata

Thus far, there has little justice for Baby Burgess, who was killed in an illegal abortion and then callously burned and discarded.

In April 2022, 18-year-old Celeste Burgess took abortion pills that her mother, Jessica Burgess, obtained from India. She was nearly 30 weeks pregnant, at a point where there’s a 99% survival chance for babies born in a hospital.

The women also planned how to hide their crime with shocking disregard for life. After burning the baby’s body, they then buried the remains in a field.

Later, they lied to authorities by claiming the child was stillborn.

Yet a plea deal means the teenager, who was tried as an adult, will only spend 90 days at most in prison. She admitted to abandoning a deceased body in exchange for other charges being dropped.

Meanwhile, the older Burgess pled guilty to a longer list of crimes. She faces up to eight years in prison but won’t be sentenced until September.