2024 updates: Haley continues fighting, Dems squabble

by ian


As the race to the White House in 2024 continues, let’s look into the latest updates focusing on the candidates for office.

First, Republicans in South Carolina are gearing up for their primary election this Saturday. Candidate Nikki Haley is attempting to make the most of her campaign in her home state.

After failing to rally enough support in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada, Haley is hoping that South Carolina voters will rally around her. But polls leading up to the election aren’t in her favor.

Former President Donald Trump was leading by as many as 30 percentage points in some South Carolina-focused polls, although this has steadily dipped over time. The latest poll from InsiderAdvantage shows Trump leading Haley by 22 percentage points.

The Democrats, meanwhile, are seeing a much more splintered campaign. Biden and his team have tried to skirt around issues of mental fitness as some of his party rally against him for certain policies. A concerted effort to keep Biden in the public’s good graces is being spearheaded by Vice President Kamala Harris.

According to CNN, which cited over two dozen sources, Harris has been on an information-gathering quest to assuage fears that Biden won’t win. Harris has been meeting with Democrats concerned about the Biden ticket, looking for any necessary changes to tactics and strategies that could help push them over the finish line.

But this effort comes at a rather contentious time between Biden and some of his party. Specifically, there is tension between him and the more progressive faction of the party over Gaza.

Biden has expressed solidarity with Israel in its war against Hamas while trying to guarantee safety for the Palestinians. But the more progressive group isn’t satisfied.

In a video posted to social media by the Listen to Michigan campaign, Rep. Rashida Tlaib calls for Democrats to vote “uncommitted” in the state’s primary on Feb. 27. Other pro-Palestine and Muslim-American groups have mobilized against the Biden campaign for similar reasons.

All the while, Biden still has to contend with one competitor for the Democrat ticket: Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips. Despite significant layoffs from his campaign on Friday, Phillips says he is “gonna continue” and called for rallying donations.

That same day, we got another announcement regarding an expected third-party candidate. It seems that neither the Democrats nor Republicans will have to worry about running against West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin.

At West Virginia University on Friday, Manchin told the audience that he is not “seeking a third-party run,” nor will he “be involved in a presidential run.” This is potentially the most beneficial for Biden, as a Manchin run would have likely sapped some left-leaning voters from him.