4,500 baptisms at Pirates Cove over the weekend

by ian


In the wake of the inspiring movie “Jesus Revolution,” 4,500 people showed up at Pirates Cove in Newport Beach, California, over the weekend for one of the largest water baptisms in history.

Pastor Greg Laurie welcomed the thousands and explained the significance of what it means to be baptized.

“Jesus Revolution” tells the story of Laurie’s own salvation and baptism at that same location 50 years ago. The movie even inspired one woman to travel from Arizona after realizing the importance of water baptism.

The massive event followed on the heels of Laurie’s SoCal Harvest crusade, where 32,000 people gathered, and almost 7,000 received salvation.

Meanwhile, the movie is now on its way to becoming a global phenomenon, as it’s currently being dubbed in Spanish. It will open in theaters in Mexico and Brazil later this month.