5 killed and 2 injured in Norway after bow-and-arrow attack

by ian

Ian Patrick, FISM News


Flags flew at half-mast today in Kongsberg, Norway after police responded to and apprehended a suspect they believe is responsible for a deadly bow-and-arrow killing spree across the town. There are five confirmed deaths – 4 women and 1 man all between the ages of 50 to 70 – while two other people including an off-duty police officer were injured.

Norwegian police responded to calls of a man walking around the town of Kongsberg carrying a a bow-and-arrow. The assailant saw the police and ran away, which led to a 35-minute manhunt around the town while he carried out multiple attacks.

The suspect that police apprehended is a 37-year-old Danish man who had recently converted to Islam. Police suspect that his conversion may have led him to be radicalized and drove him to carry out the terrorist acts, but they have not officially determined a motive. Police believe that he acted alone.

A report from the PST security police states that, “Attacks on random people in public places are a recurring modus operandi among extremist Islamists carrying out terror in the West.”

“PST works to investigate whether what has happened can inspire others to commit serious acts of violence, in the form of follow-up actions, revenge actions and more,” the report said.

The police say the “threat level in Norway is still considered moderate” due to a possibility of a future Islamist terror attack.

This incident is the deadliest attack in the nation since 2011, when Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people at a youth camp. Most of his victims were teenagers.