53% Of Americans Got News From Social Media In 2020, At Least Sometimes

by ian

Ian Patrick, FISM News


With talk of fake news, disinformation, and election integrity encircling last year’s presidential election, trustworthy news became a focus for many Americans. Between the end of August and early September of last year, Pew Research center collected survey data from U.S. adults based on their news choice preferences in 2020.

Pew found that at least half of the nation sometimes used social media as their primary source for news. Yet, more than half of these news consumers don’t expect the information they receive to be accurate.

Those who said they did receive news from social media were asked which platform they used. Facebook sits as the king with 36%, with YouTube following at 23% and Twitter at 15%. However, Twitter reigns as the platform whose users utilize the platform as their main source of news.

Pew Research also documented how these social media news consumers view the accuracy of the news they receive. Surprisingly, most of the users think that social media news as a whole is inaccurate, standing at 59%, compared to the 39% who believe this news is accurate.