8yo dies in Border Patrol custody

by ian


Border Patrol is accused of medical neglect after an 8-year-old girl tragically died in their care last week.

Customs and Border Protection confirmed yesterday that agents were aware the girl had sickle cell anemia back on May 10, a week before the child’s death. This disorder makes it difficult for blood cells to do their job, meaning ordinary illnesses are dangerous.

Yet when the girl tested positive for the flu on May 14, they quarantined the family at a different location. She was given Tamiflu and ibuprofen, but agents said the flu did not require hospital care.

Mabel Alvarez Benedicks, the girls’ mom, says requests were ignored even when the child struggled to breathe. The girl died last Wednesday, on the family’s 9th day in custody.

She’s the second minor in the past few weeks who died in CBP custody. 

An internal investigation is ongoing.