9/11 families slam PGA merger with Saudi league

by ian

The PGA Tour has found itself in hot water as families of 9/11 victims have slammed the organization for its merger with LIV Golf.

The group Nine Eleven Families United issued a statement criticizing both the PGA Tour and its commissioner, Jay Monahan, for the decision.

The group said it was “shocked and deeply offended” by the merger.” They said LIV Golf “is bankrolled by billions of sportswashing money from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

The group criticized Monahan for an apparent reversal of his previous statements on LIV Golf. They further accused the PGA Tour of betraying 9/11 families in the pursuit of money.

Despite criticism, one supporter of the deal has been former President Donald Trump. Trump wrote that the agreement was “a big, beautiful, and glamorous deal.”

Families of 9/11 victims had previously written to American pro golfers who were defecting from the PGA to LIV.