9-Year-Old Kenyan Boy Receives Presidential Award And A Scholarship For His Hand-Washing Station Designed To Prevent The Spread Of COVID-19

by mcardinal

Madeline Sponsler, FISM News


A 9- year old boy from Kenya received a presidential award for building a public hand-washing sink of his own design that will help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Stephen Wamukota designed and created a prototype of a sanitation station that is operated by foot pedals. This way, users can wash their hands without touching any surfaces with them, reducing the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19.


In an interview with BBC, Stephen’s father James proudly said of his son’s project, “I had bought some pieces of wood to make a window frame, but I when I came back home after work one day, I found that Stephen had made the machine. The concept was his, and I helped tighten the machine. I’m very proud.”


Stephen hopes to become an engineer in the future. The governor of his Kenyan county has promised to award the boy a scholarship once he is old enough to attend college.


Sourced from Good News Network, BBC News, CNN