A ‘sex education’ camp promoted by LBGTQ activists targets third to fifth graders in Indianapolis      

by mcardinal

Matt Bush, FISM News


A “sex education” camp for students as young as seven years old is scheduled for June 6 to 10 in northern Indianapolis in the private banquet area of local restaurant Half Liter BBQ. According to the Daily Wire, among the many inappropriate activities being offered, one of them is a condom demonstration…for third graders.

According to The National Review, the camp is being organized and promoted by self-proclaimed “sexuality educator” Ashley Robertson, whose Facebook page can be found here. Ms. Ashley, as she is known, advocates for “sex-positive” parenting that challenges gender norms and uses a curriculum called “Our Whole Lives” that was developed by Sex Ed for Social Change (SIECUS). In April of 2021 Ms. Ashley led a workshop entitled “Potty Training and Early Sex Ed.”

The Our Whole Lives curriculum touted by Ms. Robertson includes classes on “relationships, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, sexual health, and cultural influences on sexuality.”

Newsmax reports that a flyer for the camp reads, “At this age, kids are primed for level-headed learning. They are information-gatherers. There is no shame or ickiness associated with using Band-Aids and that same philosophy is applied to condoms and other barriers in this body-positive curriculum.” The flyer continues by stating that value-based rules like “wait until marriage for sex” will not be taught and that instructors will not tell the kids anything that is not “scientific based” information.

During the camp, children will not be divided by gender when learning about puberty and sex because “gender is a spectrum” and “everyone needs to learn about all bodies.”

A group called “Purple Parents for Indiana” is using their platform to stand up against these teachings and this camp. The group warns parents on their Facebook page to “keep your kids safe by not sending them to be sexually groomed.” Their Twitter account also calls out the summer camp as well as Ms. Ashley and other counselors at the camp:

Rhonda Miller, President of Purple Parents for Indiana, told Daily Wire in an email, “We believe parents need to be aware that individuals and organizations that prey on minors to break down their inhibitions are both tragic and criminal. We believe Ms. Ashley needs to be investigated along with the other individuals who appear to be working with her.” Miller emphasized that it would be illegal to expose young children to pornography, which is exactly what Miller believes will happen.

Ms. Ashley responded on her Facebook page by calling Purple Parents a “hate group” and saying that is all that the backlash was, hate. 

It is important to note that according to Newsmax, “Other camp staff are Jenna Phillips, a former early childhood educator who has two children with her wife; Cathy Miller, a teacher of 30 years; Robin, who goes by ”any pronouns”; Jennie Mentz, a parent and family coach; and Phoenix, a high school assistant and ”trans queer individual.” 

Lost in all of this is that the children being targeted are between 8 and 11 years old. They are not mature enough for this type of exposure or information, and they should not have to be. 

The website that was advertising for the camp, allevents.in, at the time of this writing has removed all information and web pages related to this camp from their site.