Aaron Donald Assault Update: L.A. Rams Defensive End Disputes Assult Claims

by Seth Udinski
Aaron Donald Assault Update: L.A. Rams Defenseive End Disputes Assult Claims

Seth Udinski, FISM News


Los Angeles Rams star defensive end Aaron Donald made news headlines earlier this week when he was accused of assulting a man outside a nightclub in Pittsburg.  However, the three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year is claiming he did not assault 26-year-old DeVincent Spriggs as Spriggs had claimed.  Instead, Donald claims he was aiding him.

According to Donald’s lawyer, Casey White, the account of the fight outside Boom Boom Nightclub is vastly different than Spriggs’ claim.  White argued that Spriggs started the altercation by attempting to hit Donald with a bottle.  White described what happened next in the surveillance footage,

As he ducks, somebody from behind grabs him to stop him from interacting with this guy, Mr. Spriggs, so he holds Aaron back in a sense.  At that point, that’s when other people come to Aaron’s aid and defend him by removing, so to speak, Mr. Spriggs from the area where he is punched and he is fighting; it’s a mutual fight at this point between other individuals who Aaron does not really know….Aaron actually runs over to [Spriggs’] aid and starts pulling people off of this guy.  He’s trying to get these kids off Spriggs; he gets at least two or three people off of Spriggs and at that point in time, somebody grabs Aaron and says, ‘This is not a good situation, let’s get the heck out of here.’

Apparently, there may be much more to this case than was originally reported.