ADF urges Congress to protect Christians, conservatives in banking

by ian

Major banks are being accused of discriminating against customers based on their religious and political views.

Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Jeremy Tedesco testified before Congress last week that some banks have worked with law enforcement to identify Americans who could be “domestic terror threats if they buy religious texts or firearms or support Donald Trump.”

Tedesco added that these banks have prohibitions on so-called “hate speech” and “intolerance” that are subjected to “value-based judgments on a customer’s viewpoint.”

The Daily Signal recently reported that The Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) sent an email to major banks “drawing a false equivalency” between conservative organizations and two fringe political groups, the American Nazi Party and the KKK.

Tedesco is urging Congress to pass the Fair Access to Banking Act to restrict banks, credit unions, and payment card networks from unlawfully discriminating against organizations or individuals based on subjective opinion.