Afraid Of Losing Your Health Care? Op Ed

by 48N-Developer
Editorial by Economist and FISM Founder Dan Celia

How many of you are scared about what is coming in 2021? The Democratic Party refuses to admit that many will be scared into voting for them as they continue to disseminate fear through their lies and deception.

The poor left is not in the position to reveal any of their platform which is far scarier than the fear mongering about COVID-19 and people losing healthcare. I am willing to promise to everybody that there will be no loss of health care under Trump. It’s only likely to get better and more affordable. He has already made great strides with the pharmaceutical companies on prescription drugs and continues to hammer on Health Care companies. These companies have very strong lobbies in Washington and are working hard to get back to where they were pre-Trump. They know they can only get there through a Biden administration.

There is no doubt that you should be fearful about your health. I find it hard to believe that even one person who cares about their health care would possibly vote for a Biden administration. What you are saying to everyone if you vote for Biden is this: you believe that an administration that is fine with allowing an infant to die after birth—fine with murdering babies in the womb at any stage of pregnancy—is going to care about senior citizens as valuable citizens. That alone should be all the information you need.

You are also saying to the public by voting for Biden that you are perfectly OK with the total social control that the left is working for through socialized medicine. They know that’s where they need to start, and that’s exactly what’s going to happen. The senior citizens will lose their health care. They will be faced with bureaucrats, government officials making decisions as to whether these seniors are valuable enough to society to receive payment for procedures.

By voting for Biden, you are saying that you are perfectly fine with the government controlling every aspect of your health care—not doctors but bureaucrats who must make wise decisions as to who the money is going to.

If you are a senior citizen voting for a Biden administration, you are voting for an aspect of socialism, an aspect that is going to start with consideration of the value that you bring to society. Maybe they consider you valuable at age 70, depending on your physical and mental state, but the likelihood of them considering you valuable at age 80 is slim. We can only imagine that those Angels of God, those children with Down syndrome and other disabilities, will also be seen by the bureaucrats in Washington to have no value. That is what you will be voting for in this election.

The notion that you could possibly be fearful of your health care under a Trump administration is nothing more than successful brain washing through the Democrats’ lies and the confirmation of those lies from mainstream media. If you really care about your health care, you had better care about who you’re voting for.

President Trump has proven over and over again that he keeps his promises. He has proven to you that he cares about the American people more than anything else. He cares about having the best health care system, the best trade policies, the best business policies, and he cares about all people: old, young, and in the womb—their quality of life all the way through. We will not likely ever have another president who cares more about the American people and the American way of life. Please think; use your God-given common sense before you vote. It’s a matter of life and death.