Air Force misses FY 2023 recruitment goals

by ian

The U.S. Air Force has apparently failed to meet recruiting targets for enlisted personnel and active-duty officers.

According to The Daily Caller, who spoke with an Air Force spokesperson, the branch only amassed 89% of its recruitment goal for fiscal year 2023. Active-duty recruitment was short about 11% overall, while the Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard fell short by more than 30%.

These numbers have not been officially disclosed but are based on internal estimates from Sept. 18. Still, this would mark the first time the Air Force hasn’t met its recruitment quota since 1999.

This decline is being attributed to things like lingering lockdown effects and competition in the private sector. But many Republicans are pointing to progressive military policy – like focusing on gender ideology, transgenderism, and abortion -as the real reason behind the failing recruitment.

Despite the lackluster data, however, an Air Force spokesperson said the branch is “cautiously optimistic” about recruitment in the next fiscal year.