Alleged Trevor Bauer abuse victim denies allegation that claims were ‘false’

by Seth Udinski

Seth Udinski, FISM News


FISM News has followed the ongoing sexual abuse case involving L.A. Dodgers star pitcher Trevor Bauer, who has been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment, rape, and abuse.

So far, the evidence against Bauer has proved damning enough that the league levied a two-year suspension against Bauer back in May, which Bauer appealed. Despite this, Bauer’s legal team has seemingly tried every which way to prove their client’s innocence, including claiming that the testimonies of Bauer’s alleged victims were false.

ESPN wrote a report Friday revealing that an anonymous victim spoke out against these claims, saying they are “false, misleading and defamatory.”

Bauer’s team had previously alleged that this woman, with whom Bauer admitted to having sexual liaisons, agreed to do so consensually and then “fabricated allegations of sexual assault” and “generated a media blitz based on her lies,” all to try to “destroy Bauer’s reputation and extract millions of dollars.”

This woman has previously claimed Bauer choked and punched her repeatedly before doing whatever he wished to her while she was unconscious. Bauer’s team has denied these claims.

Thus far, Major League Baseball has acted at the very least suspiciously against Bauer, leading many to believe that he is guilty of this woman’s claims. Should it hold up, his suspension will last a total of 324 games, meaning Bauer will miss most of his hefty three-year, $102-million contract with the Dodgers. According to ESPN, he will additionally lose $60 million of his contract money should the suspension be upheld.

At 31 years old, many wonder if this is the end of the line for Bauer, especially if the findings prove abuse was committed and the case proceeds to the courts. It has now been over a year since the former NL Cy Young Award winner played in an MLB game.