American adversaries weigh in on debate

by ian

China, Russia and Iran all criticized the US regarding the presidential debate from last week.

Strategic military intelligence analyst Rebekah Koffler said Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that regardless of who wins, the US will descend into chaos after the elections, which will lead to victory for Russia.

China was also critical of the debate. The state news outlet Global Times labeled the debate “the most chaotic presidential debate ever” and said it was like a “reality show.” China was especially critical of Trump, who blamed Beijing for the pandemic and the current American economy.

Iran did not comment much on the debate since the country is holding its own elections now, but Middle East expert Lisa Daftari said the lackluster debate will interest America’s rivals.

She added, “We are looking at many precarious global crises right now…Of course, any one of these current crises may find more momentum between now and the election.”